Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach Day Three

More of the same.  Beach.  Cut short by the two little ones rolling in the sand, crying that they needed to go to the waves to wash themselves off and then as we walked back to our area on the beach they would immediately fall into the sand again have their hair/face/hands covered....so back to the water we would have to go to wash them off.  They are exhausting.

My middle guy and I went to my favorite store in the world - How to Live  - to buy a new candle holder, which has been a tradition every year.  The lady in the store was loving him so gave him free of charge two little turtles made of shells.  He proceeded to tell me she gave them to him because he is "the middle one and special".  I agreed! :)

We then stopped at the fish market to pick up stuff for our one dinner at home. I made flounder, clams, mussels, shrimp over spinach linguine with a cucumber salad.  It was delish.

We ended the night with ice cream from Show Place Ice Cream Parlour and a few rides at the amusement park.

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