Monday, April 20, 2015

Banana Blueberry Muffins

What a gorgeous weekend!

Kicked off Friday night with my oldest's baseball practice and then we picked up his friend to come over for a bit to play/have ice cream.

Saturday we had a communion for our good friend's twins.

Sunday was a bunch of running around and cooking, including these banana blueberry muffins.  I also threw in some blackberries since I had them leftover from last week.

Let's get this week movin!

Monday, April 13, 2015


What are Paul McCartney and Rihanna doing hanging out with Kanye?

Makin' magic apparently.

Heard this on Pandora a hundred times (and skipped over it 99) before it finally clicked -- wow, great tune.  Sorta like that thinking out loud song by Ed Sheerhan.  If you listen to it 543 times it grows on you. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Chocolate

The annual melting of the chocolate Easter bunnies is in full effect over here.

These babies are going into the fridge to set.  We'll enjoy them later when we have our friends and their kids over later for a dessert/drinks playdate.

Someone else told me a great idea today too.  My friend chops up her easter chocolate and freezes it. She uses it then throughout the next few months whenever she is baking in place of chocolate chips.  LOVE that idea!

Need to clean this place up quick and get ready for our guests.  Hopefully I get 5 minutes to sit down to regroup before they come over!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

What a weekend!  Busy and fun.

Friday night I ran out to get some odds and ends for the weekend.

Saturday was packed.  Starting off with 9:15 lacrosse, 11:00 easter egg hunt in town, 1:00 my personal trainer kicked my #ss and I was sore the rest of the weekend, 3:30 baseball practice and 5:00 my husband's family came over for dinner and easter egg coloring.

One highlight- the town easter egg hunt started at 11:00 prompt.  It's over by 11:02 because mobs of kids get all the eggs.  As we were walking back to the car I see all these parents rushing to the park looking worried that they missed it and their little kids looking all excited with empty easter egg baskets. It broke my heart.   I mentioned how sad it made me to my big boy and suggested maybe he give these kids one or two of the eggs he collected.  Well, he gave out every last one he collected.  I could not have been more proud! Love him to pieces.

Our evening was nice. We colored eggs using tablecloths that have been in the family for decades -- splashed with the egg colors throughout the years and signed be whomever was around coloring eggs with the family that year.  Such a nice tradition.

I still have leftover cranberries in the freezer, so for dessert made this Cranberry Layer Cake.  I put white chocolate chips on top instead of walnuts. It was good.

Easter Sunday there were trails of jelly beans all over the house leading to these goodies which I had fun hiding for the kids.

We went to church where my middle guy was a little nutty from a sugar high.  He kept loudly whispering "shadow". No idea why he did this. Random people around us started looking around wondering where the heck the sound was coming from.  He then had the people around us cracking up because when it was time for the host he yelled out "are they giving out bubble gum or chips?". :)

Went up to my brother's house for dinner. I was in charge of a salad so made this version of a caprese salad using oranges.  It was good!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Birthday Lunch - Stuffed Crust Pizza

Yesterday I took off from work for my big boy's actual birthday.  While the big two were at school I raced with my little guy to buy balloons, decorate the house, bake cupcakes.

The big boys had a half day at school so I picked them up at noon along with one of my oldest's bff for a playdate.  I also invited another one of his friends who got dropped off a bit later at our house.
Walking out of the school I saw two moms I am friendly with who happened to have off too, so I told them if they wanted to stop by with their kids they could.  They happily agreed, so when all was said and done we had 2 adults and 6 kids over -- it was mayhem with my 3 in the mix.  :)

For lunch I ordered two pizzas and made a homemade one that was recommended to me by a friend.  My friend said the recipe makes "mind blowing pizza".  To be honest I wasn't overly impressed by the recommendation since the recipe didn't sound that exciting and it's just pizza.  However, I figured I would try it and make it for the kids for lunch. 

Well, let me tell you -- the kids didn't have a bite because me and the other two mothers ate the whole thing.  It was to die for.  It was easy to make.  It was a perfect recipe. :)

In fact, I rarely make the same recipe twice, but I would absolutely make this for my family over ordering any day.  Taste is incomparable and I love that I can use organic ingredients.   Recipe at the bottom.

After lunch, it was so gorgeous out the other moms and I sat out back and the kids played.

birthday cupcakes!
After the playdate we went out for dinner. 

Eating me out of house and home and sending me to the poor house at restaurants!  Birthday boy enjoying salmon balsamico at one of his favorite restaurants.
When we got home some family stopped by and we had cake, opened presents. 

My house was trashed so lots of cleaning up had to be done, so I am pretty beat today.  At least it's Friday!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Stuffed Crust Pizza
Crust Ingredients
1 package active dry yeast (2 teaspoons)
1 cup warm water (105° to 115°, no more)
3 cups all-purpose or bread flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, plus a little for coating
10 mozzarella string cheese sticks
Sauce Ingredients
6 oz tomato paste
1 can of spaghetti sauce
1 pinch of oregano
1 pinch of garlic powder
In a mixer: Using a dough hook, combine 2 ½ cups of flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Add the liquid ingredients and mix on low until the dough begins to clump around the dough hook. Your pizza dough should be smooth so continue adding flour until smooth. Remove and knead rolling the dough into a ball.
Lightly oil the ball and the inside of a large glass bowl. Place the dough in the bowl, cover, and let it rise in a warm place until doubled, about an hour. For better crust, punch down the dough, reshape into a ball and let it rise again.
Place 6 oz of tomato paste in bowl, stir in all of the Oregano and Garlic Powder. Slowly add in Spaghetti Sauce (approx. 1/3rd jar) stirring till sauce runs slow down glass bowl sides.
Roll dough out about 1” larger than the pan. Around the edges of the pan add mozzarella sticks end-to-end. Wrap excess dough around mozzarella sticks. Add your sauce, and toppings (choice cheese’, vegies, and meats).
Transfer to a pizza pan or pizza stone. Bake in a 500° pre-heated oven until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is melted, 15 to 18 minutes. Longer on non-convection ovens.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Seven Things Every Kid Should Master

I read this interesting article recently about seven things every kid should master.  My children have the art of conversation down pat.  A huge accomplishment for boys if you ask me since most moms I know say their boys don't express their feelings very well. 

Had a fun evening last night baking cupcakes with my big boys.  My oldest is celebrating his birthday in school today since tomorrow they have a 1/2 day and an Easter party after mass.  Sprinkles were all over my kitchen.  And when I mean all over I mean ALL OVER.  But they had fun and that's all that matters. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Family Party

Limping to the finish line of birthday parties!  Man, March is just insane!

Yesterday we had my oldest and middle guy's family party at their favorite hibachi restaurant.  I brought their birthday hats, the number cookies I made, etc. all to the restaurant so we didn't lose any of our traditions.  It was fun. 

When we got home my house looked like a bomb hit it with all the toys from the past two days.  The kids were covered in black from a forensic kit my oldest got and of course we had unexpected company drop by.  oy.

I spent the rest of the day writing out 52 thank you cards for my boys to send out for all their great gifts. I had them sign their names.  My oldest really should write out his own thank you cards, but I just wanted to get it over with.  Maybe next year he'll get the responsibility!

My middle guy took the job of writing his name very seriously.  Every time I told him who the next card was going to his eyes got all wide and he got a big smile and then went to work writing his name.  Such a sweetie (when he wants to be!). :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bowling Party

Put a fork in me I AM DONE.

Rough day yesterday.  Came home and baked for the school bake sale and prepped party favors for my oldest's birthday party.

It was flurrying all day today.  My middle guy said "the newsman said nothing about snow!". He cracks me up.

My oldest had his birthday party -- 23 total little boys bowling.  They had a blast, but man they wiped me out.

Immediately following I went to confirm tomorrow's family party for my oldest and middle guy at a hibachi place, dropped baked good off. Brought my oldest to our neighbor's kid's party and then went back to bake sale to buy stuff to support.

A friend sent a note a few hours ago asking if I could help her out and watch her son overnight so I got all 4 boys here with me now.  They are oddly quiet, but I am not questioning it! :)

Finally, just finished baking the traditional birthday age cookies.  I used this recipe and it was SO easy and they are delish.   If you know me, you know I am going to be 90 making 60 year old birthday cookies.....why did I ever start this tradition! :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Important Stuff

Starbucks now has coconut milk for your coffee.

Big news, I know.

Carry on.