Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sick Day :(

My husband rented a boat and took the two big boys out first thing in the morning to go fishing.  The little man and I took a nice walk. When we got home I received a text from my husband that my big boy was sick so they cut their trip short.

He was complaining his belly hurt, his head, his neck.  We were worried it was from the nail he stepped on, but pediatrician said it is coincidental timing.  The more I thought about it - he probably picked up a virus at the urgent care center when he went in to have them look at the nail.

Always something.  So I stayed home with him while he slept off and on while my husband took the two little guys to the beach.

We were going to go out for dinner so I had to reshuffle plans and ordered in.  He felt better after eating so we took him for a drive for fresh air to the other end of the island.  On the way home I ran into an ice cream shop to get them milkshakes.  Soon bed for all and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

One side note - my little guy handed me his bottle before and said "this is old". I said "no it's new - I just put milk in it".  He said "it's OLD!".  I said "it isn't!".  He said "well then you drink it!".
Two years old, people!  OY!

**one more thing I don't want to forget. My middle one said to me "If I had one wish you know what it would be?"  I said "what?"  He said "I would wish Robby (big brother) would feel better."  SWEET.

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