Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Day + Pirates

Went out for breakfast and then spent most of the day on the beach.

We went for a 4 pm pirate boat ride and then to dinner.  They had a pirate night at a local restaurant. They had one room with the pirate making balloon animals, etc. It was total mayhem with all the kids.  My oldest looked at me and said "can't we just go in the other room"?  So we went to the "adult" side of the restaurant to eat in peace and not one of them complained about it.  Love them.

They were all a little crazy towards the end so we took them home early to relax. They are watching a movie and then bedtime.

Love end of Summer sales.  Bought this big bucket of sand toys for like 2 bucks last year. Tossed in my closet and marked my calendar to remind me to bring it with us to the shore. :) 

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