Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family Dinner

Today's Get It Done Tip comes compliments from my cousin-in-law, whom I adore.  She is a working mom, amazing chef and has the tightest knit family ever. 

Over time she and her siblings have spread out and some are a little further away than others. To ensure they all stay connected and their kids get to build relationships with their cousins they recently kicked off a new tradition of a monthly themed family dinner.

For example in January my cousin hosted her siblings and their families at her home.  Her dinner theme was based on the children's book "Dragons Love Tacos".  She made tacos and Spanish rice and got Mexican decorations from Oriental Trading.   They read the book to the kids, did arts and crafts and had a great dinner and drinks session.

February's theme at her sister's house was "Family Sundae"....on a Sunday.  At the end of the dinner they had a make your own sundae ice cream bar set up.   The cupcake tin below was filled with toppings for the ice cream. 

They also had a game where a cherry was hid on a plate of whipped cream and the kids had to eat their way through the cream to find the cherry -- no hands allowed. They had a blast!!
Everyone in the family has their month scheduled -- one has St. Pat's for Feb, another Easter for April, someone else has May - theme TBD.

My cousin wrote "It's great because it gives us a chance to connect at least once a month. Everyone is so busy, but we decided we can all gather at least once a month to make some memories and what better way than to do it over a great meal!"

What a fabulous idea to schedule in time so you can ensure you stay connected to those who matter most!  Thanks you Cousin A for your fabulous tip!!

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