Monday, December 16, 2013

Message from Santa

Nine more days left to use Santa as bribery; work it ladies.   

Get It Done Tip: My husband discovered Portable North Pole two years ago and we've been having fun with it each year since. 

Portable North Pole lets your child get a personalized video message from Santa.  You can upload pictures and personalize the message with what is on the wish list, special moments throughout the past year, etc.  It is TOO CUTE and the kids just love it.  My husband is putting this year's together so we should be able to "air it" to the kids this week.

A friend also just emailed me today that she uses this site to have Santa call her son.  From what I am reading the first call is free and additional calls are at a cost.  I never tried this service so can't vouch for it, but putting it out there in case anyone wants to investigate further.

We have my father-in-law's birthday dinner today, so I'll head out of work a little early. 

Thursday is my last day in the office until January 2nd so lots to do at work so I can leave with peace of mind.

A special Ho, Ho, Ho to an old friend who reconnected with me on facebook yesterday. ;)

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