Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A New Way to Mail Cards

How FUN is this Get It Done Tip?! 

I know some people are still trying to get out their holiday cards.  I have my own system for keeping track of addresses, which I'll mention in another post.  However, if you need to collect a lot of addresses from scratch check out www.postable.com.

Postable.com lets you send an email to all of your contacts to collect their address so you have them organized in one place.  Postable also lets you send out personalized holiday, birthday, thank you and every day cards.  You write it, they'll print it, stamp and mail it.  No more squeezing in a trip to the card store if you are short on time.

Check out this cute video link showing how it works.


It's a snowy day here in NY.   My husband took off so my parents didn't have to come down in this crummy weather.   I am working from home and have oodles to do, so off I go!

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