Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Throw it Together Dinner + Reducing Morning Drama

Worked from home today so enjoyed dropping off and picking up the kids from school.

Had a fairly productive day at work too which was great.

It's 6:10 now and everyone is fed and bathed and in pajamas anxiously awaiting two of their aunts who are coming over to play Candyland with them for an hour while we duck out to go to "Back to School Night" at the big boy's school.

Knowing I was going to get home late last night I planned a quick meal for today that I could toss in the crockpot. Took that amazing garden veggie sauce I made from scratch the other day, threw some meatballs in (Whole Foods has organic frozen meatballs if you really want to fast forward this recipe!) and let it slow cook.  Baked off some bread from Fresh Direct and called it a day.  Not a usual meal of choice for us, but it worked for today.  Although two of the kids only ate the meatballs and one revolted against everything completely.

My fuss pot kids didn't love it, but maybe yours will!

We usually only do dessert on the weekend, but since we have company tonight I threw something together quick early this morning before work.  I remembered last night I bought an emergency Trader Joe's mix of pumpkin chocolate chip blondies - good to have an emergency box of something on hand for times like this.

Thank god for TJ's - they always have a little something different!

We're going to get ready to head out now.  I just need to handle my daily ritual with the kids before we leave.

Get It Done Tip: I set expectations for what they will have for breakfast each morning the night before. They have their choice tomorrow of cereal with fruit, waffles or eggs.  I am not a short order cook so they need to agree on what they want and when they wake up tomorrow there is no fussing or drama or bargaining about what is being served.  We have enough crap going on in the morning I refuse to waste time arguing that this one wants nothing or this one wants something that I don't have.

This creates for a harmonious morning.  Ok, that is a MAJOR exaggeration, but it does cut down on the stress and drama EVER so slightly. ;)

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