Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Snack Money

We were up at 6 AM so got in a good 2 hours with my boys before we all headed to work and school.

I had a work event tonight, so left them with the easiest dinner standby in history - chicken cutlets, roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables.  Very boring, but whenever I go out for the evening I make something simple so I don't have to stress about prep. I also have a very simple meal for tomorrow too since I knew I would be home late and wouldn't be up for chopping and prepping before a late bedtime.

Although I DID contemplate making brownies from scratch right now as a treat for my husband's Aunts who are coming to watch the kids tomorrow evening so we both can attend back to school night.  

But it's 10:36 and although I can be crazy and cook up treats for the kids or guests way later than this, the fatigue whipped the crazy right out of me!

I have just enough energy left to type this post and do a general sweep of the main floor to make sure it's in decent shape for tomorrow.

I also organized the book bag/lunch box situation. 

I reviewed the completed homework and noticed a question was missed.  Dear lord how could they have missed one question when there were only 5 total?? It is taking every ounce of energy to hold myself back from using my best 6-year old forgery skills to write in the answer myself! I'll just have to deal with sitting him down in the morning to knock it out.

Finally prepped the snack bag and lunch box. I make the lunches to go in the morning.  Once or twice a week I let my son buy snack as a special treat. 

Get It Done Tip: A snack at school costs 50 cents and they require exact change.  After a few weeks of scrounging around for change the night before I came to a more efficient routine.  At the beginning of the school year I go to the bank and pick up a few rolls of quarters.  I keep them in a drawer close to where we do our school bag prep so it's within easy reach whenever a special snack treat is approved.

Mega time saver!

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