Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Ready For Halloween

Yep, it's that time.  One of my favorite holidays is Halloween so we always decorate early so we can enjoy it for a few weeks.

The house was in a state of disaster for hours and it drove me crazy. I walked in circle all day long cleaning, decorating and only finally getting things in shape by early evening.

Got up to the usual routine - baked their snack for the week - this week it was banana bread. Decided against making soup for lunch to give myself a break today.   Dinner for tomorrow my husband can throw in the crock pot since he'll be home, so not a ton of time in the kitchen for once.

We all went to my oldest's first football game at 1:30.  He made a touch down!  We were so proud!

As soon we got home I started dinner while my husband finished up hanging up the Halloween lights.

Everything from the week's crop share tossed with olive oil, soy sauce and some crushed garlic.  Roasted until tender. Delish.
I had extra shredded cheddar from a past recipe, so decided to stuff chicken breast with a little of it and then dip it in bread crumbs and brown in a pan.  I poured some white wine in the pan too and it made a nice little sauce.  Served with roasted vegetables and a big salad. Quick and easy.

Paper plates were used because I am over it today.
We have all the candles lit and orange Halloween lights inside and outside, so there is a nice cozy glow in the living room.  I am sitting relaxing as I type this while the kids are finishing up "Wreck it Ralph". Soon to bed for all. I am so looking forward to it!

Quick update - my middle one was just looking around at all the lights and decorations and said "I am so excited it is Halloween".  Just made every minute of today worth the effort!

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