Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Fun

We got up bright and early to take our annual Halloween picture at a local farm store among all the pumpkins. Before we left I asked my oldest what he thought about a new clip I bought and had in my hair and he whispered in response "awkward".  He cracks me up.

Did the best we could with the pictures - it is near impossible to have them all sit, look and smile, so we don't have high expectations and therefore are never disappointed. ;)

There was slight drama when the baby tripped and did a tumblesault and smacked his head.  He has a nice bump on his head and I am pretty sure I got a new gray hair on mine.

We then picked out our pumpkins and picked up sandwiches for lunch.

We went home to change and hit the road at 10 AM to get to Six Flags New England when it opened at noon.  Ate sandwiches on the car ride up.
Fright Fest!
Kids had a blast at the park and we headed home around 5.  Stopped to pick up Chinese food for dinner on the way home.

My husband got the kids in the bath while I cleaned up downstairs.  Once I am done with this post I plan to take a shower and "get horizontal" as my mother-in-law would say.  Can't wait.

PS - I ordered the kid's Thanksgiving outfits today.  Janie and Jack Friends and Family 25% off runs through tomorrow!  

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