Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Coffee Talk

I feel like a truck hit me.  Everything hurts and I am so incredibly tired.  Hopefully I am not coming down with something.

I dropped off my son at school so I could tell the teacher he isn't bringing home the right homework books. Which resulted in more books missing from the book bag again today.  I am too Type A for this!

My husband stayed home today with the kids.  I came home to the place in shambles and stories of poop on the bathroom floor and slipping in it.  I am laughing as I write this.  Hilarious.

My husband made an easy dinner I earmarked -- it was a wheat berry & porcini soup.  Except my grocery delivery didn't have wheat berry so I looked up substitutes and made farro & porcini soup.  It was SO awful.  I mean, I could barely get down one spoonful of it. Blech.

Very rarely will you find food untouched in this house.  Tonight's dinner was a fail! :(
I have a project I need to focus on so need to tend to that now so I can get to bed soon. Hoping some sleep does me good.

If not, I am going to try this Get It Done Tip tomorrow:  I read in All You Magazine an article called "How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep".  It talked about how a sleep journal study found that if you drink your coffee slowly throughout the day - specifically 2 oz an hour - you can maintain energy throughout the day.
Worth a try!

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