Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School Prep

We're home!

We went to the beach this morning.  There was a group of dolphins swimming close to shore so the kids had a chance to see them which was cool.

Packed up, stopped for lunch - where I had artichoke hearts stuffed with a bite of king crab and breadcrumbs then broiled. OMG.

The children were WILD!  Wild, Wild, WILD!  So we left not a moment too soon.
The late nights caught up with them and they weren't listening and were annoying each other.  It was a great vacation, but we were all happy to get home.

As soon as we got home we unloaded the car.  I kept up with the laundry, but still had some pieces to run through the wash.  It was a semi-wasted day anyway given we were driving home in the car and although I was exhausted I pushed myself to do all the unpacking and cleaning up so I can enjoy the next few days at home.

After we unpacked the car I ran to my son's school to pick up his supplies.  The school started a new system where with one click you can order all the supplies your child needs by grade online.  It's packed up by a local retailer and delivered to the school for you to pick up.

I debated for half a second in case I could get a better price somewhere else but then had a flashback of last year going from store to store looking for fiskars scissors.  I called Walmart and they had them - when we got there they only had pink which was a no go, etc.  What I might save in supplies I would spend in gas and anything that buys me time back to spend with my kids is money well spent in my opinion!

This one stop shopping was awesome!  They even included labels with his name so I could attach them to his supplies.

Get It Done Tip: If your school offers this one stop school supply shopping I highly recommend. If they don't - ask them to do it!  :)

A beautiful sight!

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