Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day One of Staycation: Paleo Breakfast + Wholesale Club

It was a busy first day of part II vacation (aka staycation).

We got up and my husband cooked up breakfast in line with his Paleo kick - baked portobello mushrooms filled with prosciutto and eggs cracked in them.  It was pretty good - something different.  He got the recipe here:

It doesn't look pretty, until you looks really close --- awww, a smiley face -- a freaky egg-eyed, prosciutto mouthed smiley face

After breakfast we went to BJ's to pick up a few things including new phones for the house.  Hundreds of dollars later and no new phones in hand I am not sure what we bought.

Get It Done Tip: I buy organic chicken in bulk from Costco or BJ's and freeze them.  Every Sunday I look at the week's menu and whenever there is chicken as part of the recipe I mark my calendar to take it out two night's prior to defrost.  For example - if chicken is on the menu for Wed I mark my calendar to take it out Monday night so it is defrosted in case I want to prep dinner Tues night.  My Sunday food delivery then only consists of fresh produce, milk, eggs, cheese and bread.

We picked up my niece in the afternoon and she came with us for the kid's annual eye doctor appointment. We then hit up some stores and got all 3 kids matching sneakers - they look so cute.  Finally we want out to dinner.

When we got home the kids went in the pool, roasted s'mores and now my big boy and his cousin are snuggled on the couch watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  They're all excited to have a sleepover tonight.  I am excited at the thought of them all staying in their own beds for once!

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