Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy, Fun Day

The kids got up at the CRACK dawn.

We threw clothes on them all and took them out for breakfast.  Then home for bathing suits, sunblock and headed to the beach.

I took the baby home around 11 for a nap and to get us organized for the rest of the day (yes, we went out for breakfast and had 2 hours on the beach and it was still only 11:00!). I took another shower, got the wash going, prepped lunch and laid out everyone's clothes for when they got home.

After lunch we packed them all into the car and did our trip to the far end of the island to see the lighthouse. The kids napped on the way there so it worked out perfect. Went for an early dinner, ice cream parlor show and then the little amusement park in town.


Get It Done Tip: I laid out everyone's pajamas, towels/washcloths, night time diapers and made bottles and put them in the fridge.  I knew we'd be home late and we would all be exhausted.  I was thankful I did this because as soon as we got in they all went in the tub and the rest of the nighttime routine went quickly.

Everyone is bathed and in bed now.  My big boy is still awake because the baby keeps crying.
I think everyone is just over tired.  It's been an awesome few days, but the late nights are a bit much since the kids are still so little. This is why I always plan for a few days off at home after vacation so we can get our home in order and the kids back in a routine.

Tomorrow beach and then we head home!

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