Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation Agenda Items

Had another great day today.  Beach, pirate ship, out to a nice dinner (although the kids were a little wild!).

We decided our two youngest were completely exhausted and needed a good night of sleep.  We opted to keep them home and I went out with the big boy to the amusement park.

We had a great time on the bumper cars, playing skee ball and then buying him his annual LBI sweat shirt. The other two will get their sweat shirts it gets passed down to them. ;)

Tomorrow is our last full day.  We want to go to a special ice cream place that is a tradition of ours as well as take a drive to the far end to see the light house before we leave for home.

Get It Done Tip: In order to see all the sites and do all of our traditions I map out how long things take to do without being rushed, I organize activities so they flow together nice.  For example, we'll likely do the drive out to the light house and then we'll look up some places to do dinner on that end of the island.  We can then do the ice cream shop before going home for the night.

Keeping an organized agenda of your vacation time will de-stress your time so you can enjoy it. Make sure to leave huge blocks of time open and free too - seeing the sites is nice, but it's time to relax too!
I tried to get a picture of my big boy on the Himalaya ride