Monday, March 28, 2016

Healthy Corn Casserole

Haven't had a chance to post because my life is complete insanity

So here is a recap via photos + a recipe for healthier corn casserole (one of the sides I made yesterday for Easter) that everyone loved.

I love Eataly in NYC.  Met someone for drinks and have to post this photo because isn't is just beautiful?  That proscuitto was like butter.  Seriously.

Party favors for 29 kids who came to my middle's guy's birthday party at Ardsley House of Sports -- they did a great job!

These photos are in order of my camera roll.  Before my son's party we had 8 AM kick off for lacrosse. Going to be jam packed weekends with lacrosse and baseball for the two oldest.  My little one isn't even in the mix yet!! 

Amazing Minecraft cupcakes for the party.

Took the day off on my middle guy's birthday to take him to/from school.  Got all the Easter shopping out of the way in between.  That night we went to his favorite - hibachi!   Here is my youngest enjoying some soup.

Representing for the school/church bake sale.

These were supposed to be star wars eggs, but none of them were into the stickers.

Sweetness on St. Pat's

My youngest was so proud of the eggs he colored in school.

Late at night the easter bunny finished hiding the eggs and left their baskets at the bottom of the steps....then proceeded to fall into bed. :)

Orange Pecan French Toast for Easter Breakfast

6:00 AM Easter Morning!

It's a wrap!  Easter 2016 is in the books!

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