Friday, October 23, 2015

Pinterest Weekend

It's gonna be a pinterest weekend!  I have been busy pinning lots of goodies so plan to try some of the new recipes I have earmarked -- specifically new recipes for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, muffins and more!

I moved pumpkin carving to later in the week so instead tonight me and my three boys are going to attempt to make this pinterest craft.

I bought the exact house on amazon, but I am sure it'll look nothing like this in the end -- but we'll give it out best shot!

Because I like to use my blog to capture special moments as a diary of our days I have to say that my day was just brightened with a unexpected email from my youngest's teacher.  Her note below. I am a proud mama. :)

"Just wanted to tell you how well Joseph is doing in class.  He is a joy- and is a wonderful child.  He listens, plays, participates and does everything with a happy smile.  It is a pleasure to have him in class!"

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