Monday, July 20, 2015


Busy weekend with my little men.  Haircuts, Minions movie and lots of pool time on Saturday.

Yesterday I took them with me to my personal training session.  My little guy told me I scared him when I was boxing....bonus!  I also took them all to get my nails done and my middle guy let them cut/clean his nails and toes and littlest let them do his toes only.  My oldest wouldn't have any part of it. :)

Two things I want to capture - the other day my youngest came down with toothpaste on his arm. I said what happened?  He said "Harrison".  First time ever he said his big bro's name correctly -- he usually prounces it "haz-in". 

Also yesterday I took them to dinner and my middle one wanted cheese for his pasta.  He turns around and hollers to a table some distance away "can you pass me the cheese??".  They ignored him so he turns to me annoyed and said "no one in armpit land is listening to me".  :)  Ah, kids.

Kickin' it old school today with this tune.   Happy Monday!

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