Tuesday, July 28, 2015

37 Things You Will Regret When You Are Old

Someone posted this article on facebook today listing 37 things you will regret when you are old.

Vacation is nearing the end.  Yesterday we went to a small water park, out to dinner then I stayed home with the little guy in the evening while the rest of the gang went to watch my big boy boogie boarding....he did great!

Today was a beach day.  After 2 hours my middle guy had to go to the bathroom so that ended that for me.  Then I went back to pick up my littlest and the three of us went shopping. Picked up some new candle holders for the house.  Now they are resting while the other two are still at the beach.

Hopefully we'll get home before rush hour so I can get the house in order and get the laundry going.  Just ordered Fresh Direct so no trip to the grocery store for milk, fruit, etc. for me - yay!

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