Sunday, February 1, 2015

Testosterone Overload

Every day in this house is like a frat party, but Super Bowl Sunday with only me and a house full of men may be testosterone overload for me!

The good news is I was told I didn't need to lift a finger. The men are taking care of all the cooking.  So I am sitting back and resisting the urge to ask what serving dishes they plan to use. :)

Had a busy morning which included my littlest guy falling and smashing his face.  Blood was pouring out of his nose which freaked me out.  Thankfully all he is left with now is a fat upper lip.  Breaks my heart to look at him, but he keeps saying he is all better.

At 3:00 today we had a piano recital for my oldest.  He played Spring by one of my favorites - Vivaldi.  He did a great job; so proud of him!

Finally, forgot to post last week this super easy homemade waffle recipe.  I have made a lot of different homemade waffle recipes over the years and this was a rare one that didn't require whipping egg whites which I find to require too much effort at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. :)
Kids loved them and as always I froze the extras so they can have them again on a school morning for breakfast.

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