Friday, January 30, 2015

Principals For the Day

It's been a choppy week.  So happy it is OVER because I am OVER IT!

There was one highlight from this week -- my big boys were Principals for the day at their school (I won it at an auction).  They gave the entire school no homework for the day so they made a lot of new fans. :)

This morning I went to my big boy's school - they let the parents come in for an hour to observe the class in action. The pre-k was cute, but 2nd grade was a big snoozer. Now I know why my son doesn't love it.  The teacher (a nun) said to the class "what happens when Sister isn't happy?" and they all replied in unison "we're not happy". Oy.

Looking forward to getting through the workday so I can get home.  I promised the kids we would do a game night.  I tried to get out of plans to go out tonight, but one of my oldest buddies told me too bad she is coming down anyway to drag me to my local watering hole after the kids are in bed.  Hopefully I can liven up a little!

Tomorrow we have my son's classmate's bday party followed by a dinner/playdate at my house for my big boy. I think we'll do make your own pizzas.

Sunday we have my oldest's piano recital and my husband is still figuring out what he wants to do for Super Bowl.  He mentioned his friend may come over so I am on call to shop/cook which is my favorite part of the Super Bowl. :)

Enjoy the weekend!

Someone was busting me about some of these quotes I have been putting up, so up this one goes to amuse myself. :)
Although I do love this post.  I hope one day when my kids are older and read through this blog they will be able to read some life lessons to remind them to live their life to the fullest!

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