Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby Joe.  He started the day by stripping down to his birthday suit and refusing to wear his birthday shirt.  :)

My big boy was sick yesterday so I kept him home from school so the three of us went to the doctor for the little guy's annual checkup.

The little man's friend and his family came over to our house for pizza and cake this evening.  The mom was fine coming over since my oldest seemed good all day. 

I have a different friend who is so talented baking so I asked her to bake tonight's cake.  Check out the Baker At Boxwood Inn on Facebook to see some of her amazing baked goods. :)

Yesterday I went out with some mom's from school which was fun.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to a massage and in the evening going to a birthday dinner for one of my bffs.

Have a good weekend!

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