Sunday, January 11, 2015

Birthday Party

My little man had so much fun yesterday at his birthday party.  Some highlights...

They each have their own birthday banner. :)

It wouldn't be a birthday without mommy's number cookies. Here they are cooling after coming right out of the oven. :)

They each have a handmade birthday crown and I swap out the number each year.  Looks cute in pictures when they are blowing out the candles.

Filled the piñata with individual gummy fruit snacks and individual bags of dark chocolate covered bluberry acai and dark chocolate covered pomegrante.  I just couldn't do that big bag of piñata filler with all the crap in it again and I was glad I didn't because they were thrilled with the goodies!
We did "make your own goody bags".  Once their bags were filled with the pinata goodies the girls got a make your own jewelry box and the boys got a paper airplane kit.  Better than all those junky cheap toys that get thrown away after a day.

We also played pin the nose on Mickey. They ALL cheated!! :)

They each have their birthday candle that gets burned each year.  The only thing missing from this pic is his birthday plate. I couldn't find his for some reason. :(

Even though the other two don't have their birthdays for a few months I ordered their birthday shirts from Chasing Fireflies so it's done.  I usually get them a # shirt as you see here, but the littlest guy is sooo fussy when I showed him the options online he rejected them all -- except for this one.  :)  He wound up wearing a mickey mouse shirt yesterday, so he'll wear this on his actual birthday which is Friday.

Already had a busy morning. Now off to bake their snack for the week, clean and then out to dinner because I need a break!

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