Monday, June 16, 2014

Surprising Things You Can Throw in Your Washing Machine

Happy Monday!



Found this Get It Done Tip from All You Magazine (if you don't get this magazine you should -- it's chock full of great tips and recipes!).  

This article is all about things you can throw through the washing machine that might surprise you.

I throw everything through the wash, so I can probably add to this list! For his nursery school moving up day I gave my middle son a panda bear -- can't stand stuffed animals, but he wanted this thing so bad.  Of course I came home the other day to hear that his older brother spilled sauce all over the panda.  So their grandfather tried to wipe it off and now he smeeeelllllssss (say in a 4 year old whiny voice to get full effect).

Threw him (the panda that is) through the wash so he's good as new now.  Even though he is still new.

These kids destroy everything in record time.

So washing stuffed animals isn't rocket science, but car mats?  I didn't know that.  Check out All You's full list here.

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