Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Sent my husband to the Ritz for a massage today.  Told him it was an 11:00 appointment.  At 9:40 I realized I made a mistake and it was at 10:00.

He was very unhappy with me.

Nothing better than a good massage though after adding some extra stress to the system is how I looked at it. ;)

Before that happened, we woke up to my middle guy delivering a bowl of cereal on a tray for my husband so he could have breakfast in bed -- it was so cute.

I took all 3 kids out in the morning for breakfast. They spilled my Starbucks all over the place so we had to go back and get a new one.  Outside was a farmers market and they begged for a watermelon and honeydew so we picked them up and they became "family members".  Juicy the watermelon in particular became a favorite and was carried all over the place today and I am forbidden from cutting him.

Visited my grandmother quick with the kids after piano.  We then hit up Stew Leonards for clams, mussels and other items for our Father's Day cookout.

Grilled in a big aluminum foil packet with tons of garlic, roma tomatoes and white wine.

We ended with an orange creamsicle cheesecake -- something different.

Have a banana bread baking in the oven.  One more load of dishes to go and then off to bed -- which can't come quick enough for these kids....they drove me out of my mind today!!!


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