Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Special Little Men

I almost went to sleep before posting!  So exhausted, but so happy.

Well, last night was insanity with my niece over.  We couldn't get her and my two big boys to sleep because they wouldn't stop talking all night.  To add to the drama my oldest started throwing up in the evening so we had to keep them all away from each other which wasn't easy.

I kept my phone on all night waiting for baby news and finally around 6 AM checked my texts to find my nephew had arrived 30 minutes prior.  We are all so thrilled!

Since it is my middle guys actual birthday today too we took all the kids out to the diner for breakfast.  We put a candle in pancakes and sang happy birthday then me and my niece took off to go to the hospital to meet her brother.

I then went home and passed the car keys to my husband who then drove up to meet his new nephew.  We capped off the day by taking our birthday boy out to the Yard House for a burger and some more cake.


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