Saturday, March 15, 2014

Price is Right Birthday Party

What a day we had!  My middle guy turns 4 tomorrow so we had a little party at home for him.  He requested the theme of "Price is Right". 
I had each guest come up to contestants row and guess without going over how much a product (boxed cake, gum, toothpaste, etc.) costs.  The one who got the closest won the product and then moved up to their game.
The adult winners went on the play "Plinko" and the number their chip hit was the # of scratch off tickets they won.
For the kids they moved on to a Punch Game where they won a little prize.  Two of the punch holes had a penny each in them.  The two kids who found the penny moved on to the showcase showdown where the grand prize winner won a tremendous bag of chocolate.
My traditional age # sugar cookies for the special boy

The Price is Right wheel cake
It was a fantastic day! 

We have a special visitor tonight.  My brother came down with my niece for the party and wound up dropping her off to sleep over with us since my sister-in-laws water broke.  We are eagerly awaiting news of my new niece of nephew!

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