Monday, March 3, 2014

Outings with the Kids

A major snowstorm turned into a dusting at best.  I had a very unhappy 1st grader on my hands this morning who had to be dragged out of bed to get to school!

Transition sentence.

Yesterday when I took the little one to the movies it reminded me of a Get It Done Tip that someone had passed on the me and I have been using since my oldest was a toddler.  Whenever you take your kids out put them in bright colors or something that is eye catching so you can easily spot them.  My kids right now have 2 shirts in rotation that are neon yellow and neon orange.  You also should wear something bright so your kids can recognize you from a distance.  I also tend to dress my kids all in the same shirt in public places so all the neon yellows I see I know are mine. 
Makes taking them out anywhere a tiny bit less frantic! 

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