Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Movie

Had a busy day with my littlest man.  We dropped the other three off at piano and headed off for a 10 AM birthday party for my friend's son.  The party was at an interactive movie and then she took us to lunch at Friendly's. It was cute. 

After Piano my husband took the big two to the park, bakery and they walked home.

After the party my little man and I headed to get some stuff for upcoming birthdays, Christmas Tree Shops and Trader Joes. 

My Dad came down because of the snow so he had dinner with us.  I made a spin on paella that was pretty good.

On a random note - I have been hearing this song on Pandora for some time and never really paid much attention until yesterday it clicked...holy crap this song is A-MA-ZING.  


This newfound love came in the nick of time considering my husband was not amused by my request yesterday to add the Biebs Beauty and a Beat to the rotation. ;)

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