Thursday, February 20, 2014

Picky Eaters

I had someone ask if I could give tips on how to get your kids to eat a variety of foods.  I am fortunate that I have 2 kids who willingly try and like most anything.  It's my middle one who is picky so I feel the pain of those who have picky eaters.

I think different tactics work for different kids, so not sure there is one universal tip to give.    However, here are a few of my Get It Done Tips that have worked for my picky eater and ensure my good eaters continue to try new, healthy foods.

My middle one as an infant made faces and spit out all the homemade pureed baby food I gave I got his number from the start.  As he got bigger I noticed he wouldn't eat dinner and then would beg for cheddar bunny crackers. 

So I stopped buying the crackers and went down the tough love route.

The kids know that whatever I make for dinner is what they are having and they can eat it or they can eat nothing.  To encourage them to eat I do on occasion make a competition over who tries a food first and the one who does it gets a ton of applause ...which annoys the others and then they show how fabulous they are too by eating their food.  :)
We also have made up a game where we put the food on the fork as if we are going to eat it and then look away and one of the kids eat it and when we turn back we are shocked that the food is missing. 
Whatever works is my motto!  Although as time goes on we really don't have to do those games anymore.

I think my biggest trick is getting them when they are hungry and not after they have filled up on snacks.  When you catch them at the right time and they know you aren't going to budge and make them pasta, chicken nuggets or some other kid food, you may have more luck getting them to eat what's on their plate.  It won't happen overnight is my experience, but it should get you to a better place down the road.  More on this topic tomorrow!
In adult food news - omg - Gramercy Tavern was a-ma-zing last night.  Apparently the chef at Gramercy Tavern used to work at my favorite restaurant in the whole world - Blue Hill at Stone Barns - so no surprise that I loved it.
One of my besties and I did the seasonal tasting menu and here are the photos (minus the lobster salad which we forgot to take a photo of)...!


The waiter noticed a 'happy birthday' bag so brought us this mini coconut birthday cake with our cheese course/dessert.   My friend and I are born a week apart so this was our annual birthday dinner together - we never would have asked for a cake and made a scene - especially at such a fancy place -but we were impressed by the attentiveness of the waiter! 

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