Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Easy Weeknight Meal

I use my slow cooker during the week out of necessity. It certainly isn't my preferred method of cooking, but in the winter there is nothing better than putting soup ingredients in the crock pot and coming home to a hot cooked delicious meal. 

Every so often I will make a big chicken like I did this past Sunday and roast a ton of vegetables.  Whatever is leftover (roasted vegetables included) gets tossed in with some chicken broth and ladled over a few noodles or brown rice for a hearty soup.

However, things didn't go as planned this week -- my boys ate the entire chicken and devoured all the roasted vegetables (brussel sprouts included - score!) so I had nada for Monday's soup.
Sunday night I went in search of other ingredients in the fridge to create a new soup for dinner Monday night.  I found a bag of parsley that was from a different recipe that I chopped up, tons of carrots, onions and in the pantry cannellini beans.  Monday morning I tossed that all in with  bionaturae tomatoes and chicken stock.  When I got home I tossed in spinach ravioli that I had in the freezer and had a complete meal the kids loved.

Get It Done Tip Monday slow cooker soup night is a great way to clean out your fridge.  In addition to chicken you can use beef and ground meat and almost any vegetable you have on hand - tomatoes, leeks, etc.  Right before serving toss in some peas, chopped spinach, kale or parsley to brighten up the dish. Enjoy!

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