Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lego Movie

Took the kids to piano, Toys R Us for some gift cards and a present and Whole Foods.   I gave the big boys a quarter for each day they dressed themselves without my help so they got to pick out something from the dollar bin at Toys R Us so that was exciting to them.

My husband took the two big kids to the 12:30 showing of the Lego Movie and they liked it.
On the way home they picked up Nana and she came over for dinner.    Tried a new recipe out for my middle one's upcoming birthday.

Right after dinner the baby was crying about his ear and said the middle one hit him.  None of us saw anything and we're skeptical this happened but the middle one when pushed said he did hit him. But they are both at the age where you cant believe them so who knows! 

Soon baths and bed for all.  The kids had a long break from school so getting them up tomorrow isn't going to be pretty!

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