Saturday, January 11, 2014

Party Time!

My baby is turning 2 on Thursday!  We had a small party today to celebrate and it was a great day.

The little guy loves cars - both real and toys - so I decided to do a car theme for him. 

We painted little wooden cars with glitter glue.  We had a race with little cars that are motorized by balloons.  We did a pinata stuffed with car goodies.

We grilled lemon chicken which came out great and served it with a big salad and a tomato macaroni and cheese casserole using "wheel" pasta. 

For dessert I made our traditional sugar cookie.  Instead of running around looking for cookie cutters that go with the theme I bought a box of number cookie cutters so just make cookies shaped like the kid's age.

My husband was in charge of making a "watermelon car" fruit bowl.  We think it looks a little more like a baby carriage, but still cute!

And this labor of love was created by me and my big boy late into the night.  I baked a double batch of a Martha Stewart recipe for vanilla cake.  I knew that since I was going to work all day I wouldn't have a ton of time, so opted to do a semi-homemade with the frosting.  I found online Pamela's Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix -- it's the cocoa powder, sugar, etc. already mixed together and all you have to do is add a little water and butter.  Great time saver!

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