Friday, January 10, 2014

Organizing Chores & Errands

TGIF!  I have a lot of baking and decorating to do tonight for the baby's birthday party tomorrow.  My two big boys woke up excitedly chattering about how they are going to help and started debating who would do what - mix the eggs, decorate, etc.  They are so sweet.

My final highlight of Carolyn Cutrone's article in Business Insider about "What Successful People Do on the Weekends" highlights a Get It Done Tip I stand behind and practice weekly.  It's to keep chores and errands to a minimum on weekends.

Cutrone writes "Finishing chores shouldn't be central to your weekend because they often expand to fill available time. Instead, try to do a chore each day during the week. If that's not possible then set aside small windows of time during the weekend. For example, set a half an hour on a Friday night between dinner and when you watch a movie to put away the laundry, or 20 minutes between your piano lesson and bike ride on Saturday morning to empty the garbage. Setting small amounts of time will motivate you to get chores done quickly."

Most stores, like Target, are open late so I will usually run out if needed on a weeknight after the kids are in bed on the rare occasion I need something from there.  I have food delivery from Fresh Direct so my time in a food store is kept to a minimum.  Amazon is a life saver as always. Cleaners, bank, post office we'll do during the workweek to get it out of the way.
There are so many fun articles and tips about what successful people do - ranging from what they eat for breakfast to what they do after work to what they do before 8 AM.  I am interested to pick another topic down the road under this umbrella to adapt it to working moms - fun!
Have a great weekend all!  We have an easy make ahead dinner for tonight so I can focus on party prep.  Spinach Cheese Manicotti will be served with a salad. 

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