Monday, January 13, 2014

Organizing Childhood Cards, Ticket Stubs, Artwork and More

Today's Get It Done Tip comes courtesy of my husband who continues to send me invites to try KeepyNow, in full disclosure, I have not actively been using this, but finally checked it out yesterday and it looks very cool!

What is Keepy?

Keepy lets you organize enhance, share, admire and save your kid's artwork, cards, ticket stubs and more.

Here's how it works:

snap & enhance.
Take a photo of your kids' drawings, report cards, lego creations, awards, birthday cards, ticket stubs, face paintings or anything else offline that you want to KEEP online. Tweak the lighting, colors and the crop of your photos with our easy tools.   

Add your kids' names, location and the date your keepy was created so we can organize everything for you.

Record yourself or your child (or both) describing the photo so you can keep the memory (and the cute voice) forever.

share & admire.
Invite grandparents and loved ones to be your kids' "fan" so they can see all your keepies and leave video comments on them. These short gushes of love will be preserved right alongside the photo. You can also share individual keepies with friends & family through email, facebook and twitter.

Keep on keepying on every day to fill your interactive keepsake box with things that your child will never forget. You can keepy ANYTHING. letters, lunch notes, love notes, sculptures, block towers, beaded jewelry, knitting, ceramics or anything else offline that you want to keep and enhance and admire!


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