Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Babysitting Option

I love my aunt who on her own started sourcing tips for me to post.  So today's Get It Done Tip is compliments of a chiropractor somewhere in NJ who I never met. ;)
Now, let me preface this with the tip in its current form is probably not going to be useful to many families because of the cost; HOWEVER, if you are an open-minded person, every idea can be used for inspiration to spark other ideas.

Here's what my Aunt G wrote:
"Our chiropractor said that when the children were young he and his wife got a babysitter every week from 4 pm to 8 pm.  They did it on a regular basis and paid the babysitter for 52 weeks if she babysat or not.  They just wanted to be sure that the two of them had quality time and fun together without the children.  Sometimes they went into NYC or other times they would just go to a mall. 
It kind of reminds me of my subscription to the Metropolitan Opera.  If I didn't have a subscription, I wouldn't go as often.  I would make excuses.  I paid the money and therefore I have to go.  Every time I do attend, I'm so happy I did.   I'm sure many a mother doesn't want to spend the money or makes an excuse to stay home for the kids or something else.  A regular system of paying a babysitter for 52 weeks prevents excuses.  Just a thought."

I am simply in awe of this idea. Even if you don't do a luxury 52 weeks, the idea of pre-paying a year for once or twice a month or even once every other month could work.


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