Monday, December 2, 2013

Working Mom Inspiration #4

I have two working moms in my life that really stand out to me as doing both sides of the coin amazingly well - career and family.  Lucky for me I can call both of them my mentors.
One of my mentors is Susan.  Susan is a Senior Partner at a leading global communications company.  She is passionate about her career and has been described by her former CEO as someone who "gets more done by accident than most people get done on purpose".  I agree!
She is raising three beautiful kids and really takes the time to nurture their passion and is committed to being present when she is with them and not get distracted by technology.  Despite having a very high-powered corporate job she is the rock of her family and is raising happy, well-adjusted kids.

The icing on the cake with Susan is she is just so fun to be around and always looks like she stepped out of a Lilly Pulitzer catalog.  She's the total package. ;)

I asked Susan for her Get It Done Tips and here is what she had to say:

Specific to family, I highly recommend reading the book "The Five Languages of Love".  This is a professional book about how to manage people against what they need so your efforts with your family have impact. 

The book talks about how different people view love in different ways. The book illustrates the five ways people look for love as:

Touch (hugs/kisses)


Doing something for them


Words of affirmation

There is also a version of this book that uses the same premise for couples and teenagers
Susan talked about how the way you chose to show someone you love them may not have the desired effect on the person.  She gave an example of how her husband always tell her she looks beautiful.  She laughed and said it's nice for him to say it, but if he really wants to show me he loves me he should empty the dishwasher!

She talked about her kids.  Her oldest son doesn't want touch.  When he wants to give a hug he'll give it. For her to show him she cares she has to spend time with him. So she spends time doing one-on-one outings with him to show him he is loved --- better than a hug in this case!

Her youngest son wants touch - he wants to be showered with affection. So instead of a lunch out on her day off her time with him would be better spent snuggling on the couch watching a movie.

Her daughter, the middle child, wants all 5 languages of love. She said she and the rest of her family joke about her "love meter" and how it is never enough for her.

The point is, Susan says, you have to consider the child's need and not what you feel comfortable giving....focus your efforts for impact.

Great advice from an amazing working mom! Thank you, Susan!

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