Sunday, December 1, 2013

Letters to Santa

First day of advent.
German tradition of advent calendars alive and well in my house.  Spent the day chasing the little ones away from opening all the doors!
The kids wrote their letters to Santa today and I took them on their scooters to bring it to the mailbox. The post office will always send a letter back from Santa so make sure to put your return address on the letter to "Santa - North Pole" -- it's a photo copied generic one, but it's still cute and I like the tradition of it all.

Thankfully the mailbox is only around the corner from our house.  My middle one randomly would let go of his scooter when he felt the need to stop letting it roll away and one time it actually went into the road.  The streets by us are busy and people tend to drive like cowboys so we're lucky no one flew into it.   I have more grey hairs. Other than that incident it was a good day.

My husband made some glazed almonds today we've been snacking on that are great.  If he decides to share the recipe I'll add the link HERE. ;)

He sent the link AND a picture. He's swell.
I have a chicken artichoke dish cooking away for dinner and made a big salad.  In the mean time I am enjoying my boys, our tree and sipping a delicious glass of wine.  Happy Sunday!

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