Saturday, December 7, 2013

Party Day

It's 3:47 and I am sitting on the couch relaxing.  My middle guy and I went at 11 to his first "school friend" birthday party.  I was worried he would be clingy, but the place was a-ma-zing.  He ran right out and was running around, laughing and having a ball!  One of the most impressive facilities I've ever been to.

Having a Ball! Ba-dump-bump-che
We then went quickly to the wine store at Stew Leonard's, a local store, to finish up some Christmas gifts.  It was a mob scene.
Basketball started today for my big boy so my husband took him at 3, so they should be home soon.

Tonight my husband will stay home with the kids so I can head out to a restaurant in Port Chester for a friend's 40th birthday party.  Looking forward to it!

PS - The brownie recipe in yesterday's post was ridiculously delish.

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