Monday, December 9, 2013

Cutting Down on Virtual Clutter

It's a cold, slushy, wet day here in NY.   Glad I have a big pot of soup already made for my family to enjoy for dinner.

During my morning commute I was reading All You magazine and came across an article they wrote about how to feel more balanced and productive at work and home and specifically talked about cutting down on virtual clutter.

I often hear people say they "don't have time", yet they have time to go on Facebook to update their post and like/comment on others.  Get It Done Tip: Social media, while fun, can be a huge time suck.  Cut down on the time spent by aiming to check once in the morning, once mid-afternoon and, if you have time, once in the evening. 

Why is this a good idea?  All You wrote that nixing preventable distractions like refreshing your social media channels again, keeps you on task.  Research shows it takes 25 minutes to refocus your attention after interruption. 

The article also goes on to say that email is another source of distraction (I let it be!), but they recommend again checking just twice - mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  If you're worried about leaving people hanging create and out-of-office notification that says you check your emails twice daily and will reply as soon as possible.

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