Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Last night was nice.  When my sister-in-law and I took the kids out for their walk it was snowing like crazy. Some neighbor heard us singing Jingle Bells and their young son came running out saying "want to see my fingers? I went to the hospital!!" at the same time my husband and brother shot off fireworks.  Between the crazy snow, this random kid and the fireworks it was a memorable walk this year!

This morning started out smooth enough. Well, as smooth as anything happens in this house. Excitement over Zoomer the dog for the big boys and a stroller for the baby's "baby" was off the charts.

Thirteen years ago I mentioned to my husband about a magazine cover I liked that I wanted to get framed. He finally found it!

After presents we had a nice breakfast of an egg casserole and strawberries/bananas shaped like a candy cane.

Should have suspected something was wrong when my oldest only ate a few strawberries.  I thought he was just excited to get back to playing, but a later on while at his Nana's house he started to feel warm, complained about his stomach and then fell asleep.

Poor kid woke up to having a matchbox car thrown at his face by the baby which prompted a terrible bloody nose and throw up. I yelled for my husband to help who raced up and broke a step in the process.

We wound up taking them home early so couldn't do our traditional Christmas Day celebration with the sad! :(

Hope everyone else had a good day filled with great memories! We'll reschedule a re-do with my inlaws as soon as everyone is healthy so we can make some more 2013 holiday memories!

My Christmas tree fruit salad...that no one got to eat!

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