Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Wish List Activity

What a nice Sunday!

We got a stack of toy catalogs in the mail yesterday so today I put them on the table with paper, scissors and glue and told the kids to flip through and paste all the toys they like to one piece of more, no less.  

They know to ask for only 1 thing from Santa (we are overflowing as it is), but had fun with the project.

Hard at work.

My middle one wants a candy making kit.  If you know him, this is not surprising.

I give up fighting with the computer to rotate this picture.
My oldest wants bird whistles and made note on top he needs two -- one for him and one for his little brother so birds will come visit them.

Stilts and a $900 BMW toy car from FAO Schwarz.
I explained to my oldest he would need to be good every minute of every day forever to get something like that.  He gave up on the idea immediately; at least he is self aware.

THIS.  Hilarious.
I must admit most toys are a total waste as my kids play pretend games usually; however this may need to show up at some point because I think they would play with it quite a bit.  I just need a bigger house!
We had a nice Sunday dinner of pot roast, purple potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips and whatever the heck this thing is from the crop share.  Smelled like celery. Haven't a clue.

I really need to clean out my freezer so for dessert I let the kids make a smoothie. We put in the vitamix - frozen bananas, blackberries, watermelon and nectarines with some milk and honey. Since everything was frozen it came out like ice cream - could eat it with a spoon.
Just 500 more pounds of food to move out so hopefully I can fit an ice cream cake in by next Saturday!

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