Thursday, September 26, 2013

School Lunch

My day started before dawn.  My middle one woke up and started talking as loud as he could to his big brother (they were both in our bed) about how he saw a star out the window.

Of course even in a semi-sleep state my oldest cannot be outdone and said with his eyes closed "I saw a shooting star".

It would have been cute except they wouldn't go back to bed, so here I am post-homework, totally completely drained of energy.  My eyes even feel heavy.

I want nothing more than to take a shower and fall into bed, but I told my husband I needed to first bake something for my company bake sale tomorrow. He told me he would run out and pick up a box of brownies and make them for me. He is a saint!

One quick prep for my son's lunch tomorrow than off I go.  My son has been a fuss pot for what he wants me to pack for lunch lately, but usually we have our routine. Monday-Wednesday lunch is usually a cheese or jelly sandwich (I am anti-deli meat starting a few months ago) with other snacks/fruit of course, Thursday we usually do mac n cheese with some frozen vegetables mixed through and Friday he gets a special treat of buying lunch at school.

Get It Done Tip:  I never mind giving something a little extra effort at the start if it is going to make my life easier on a regular basis.  Case and point - at the beginning of the school year I print out labels with what the school requires on the envelope to buy lunch and fill them with the appropriate dollar amount.  I make about 20 of them to last for the entire school year.  It sits in the same drawer where the rolls of quarters for snack are kept.

Tonight all I have to do is toss one of the envelopes in his backpack and I am done. 


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