Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Tuesday

I was going to start this by commenting on the title with "that's all I have to say about that".  Except now that I am writing this line, I remembered it is Wednesday.

I can't keep it straight this week.

The days whiz by at top speed.  I heard my intern talking to my co-worker about getting soup for lunch at around 10:00; however, when I looked at the clock I saw it was actually after 12:00!!   And now here I am and it's 9:39 at night.  I feel like I blinked and the day was over.  

I was just texting with a friend who told me she took out her slow cooker and has a fab chicken recipe she is going to make in it tomorrow.  She just re-entered the workforce after taking 3 years off to be with her kids. I am going to feature her one day soon as she in an interesting character. ;)

Speaking of dinner, I need to prep ours for tomorrow - pork roast with whisky sauce in the slow cooker - sounds interesting!  I will report back on it!

But first I have a quick, frivolous tip for tonight.  I keep work and family stuff humming along well enough for the most part, but of course other things are sacrificed.  One example is I never, I mean NEVER watch TV - (last show I watched Pam and Jim on the Office weren't even dating!).  

And other things completely fall off the radar. For example I can be a hot mess when it comes to having a manicure.  I have ZERO patience for taking an hour to sit and get a manicure.  But I work in a professional office so need to try to pull myself together and that's certainly a part of it.  So, when I do remember, I am usually trying my best to clean it up on Sunday night.

The problem is it usually looks like my 3 year old gave me a manicure.  Until THIS came into my life last week when I accidentally got on the wrong train and had to wander around a CVS until my husband got around to picking me up. 

I knew that whole wrong train debacle was the universe leading me to something -- something great, something deep that I needed to apply to my life.

This Sally Hansen nail polish certainly has to be it.  No? Well, it's all I found and it is pretty kickin.

Get It Done Tip: I don't know much about beauty supplies.  And I don't know much about why this is called "complete salon manicure", but it looks better than anything I have ever done on my own in my life.
Highly recommend.  It's $8, which I am not sure if it is cheap or expensive for a bottle of nail polish (I have been addicted to Essie Ballet Slippers for 20 years), but it paid for itself after 1 use given the cost of a manicure and I can put it on when it fits into my schedule (which is usually 10:00 at night!).
I also like light colors or this "Earl Gray" so when it chips it isn't so noticeable.  This brand though just goes on better and looks like my 3-year old had the night off from painting his mom's nails.  And that's huge news for me.
I need to get more colors pronto.

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