Monday, September 2, 2013

Raisin Bran Cookies

Yes, you read that right.  Raisin Bran cookies.

We went to Trader Joe's early August and I let my oldest pick out a cereal.  He picked:

He insisted he would love it.  He ate it once or twice and now it's sitting here.

I am tired of it sitting here.

I googled Raisin Bran cookies.  I'm glad I did. Because Raisin Bran cookies are apparently the bomb.  Who knew something could be so good without chocolate as an ingredient?!

It's Betty Crocker's Peanut Butter Raisin Bran Cookies.  And because we bought Raisin Bran Clusters it was that much better.

I had to hide them from my oldest.  I hope someone will hide them from me.
Other than cookie making it was a low-key day.  My husband took the two older ones to the park and then to the food store to pick up dinner ingredients.  I stayed home to let the baby nap, prep dinner for tomorrow  and lunch for the week (turkey rice soup!).

I haven't been in the mood for anything so told him we could either go out or if he felt like cooking he could get whatever.

He invited over his grandma and boy what a dinner he made!  Surf and turf.

We are officially in school prep mode so I bathed the two little ones around 6:45, read the baby a book and sent the middle one off to pick out 2 books for me to read him.   Once baby was laid in his crib with a bottle I read to the middle one.  

Then up came the big boy for bath and bed.  He is like getting a cat into water sometimes.  I literally had to force him into the tub and he is 50+ pounds at this point.  

We then did some first grade work in prep for the big day on the 9th.  We finished our 4 book reports which are due the first day of school, but we keep up using workbooks, flash cards and even the kindle to write words and do math.  More on that later in the week.

House is now quiet so I just swapped out my work pocketbook for something a little more Fall-like.

Tomorrow my Dad comes down to watch the kids.  It's been 10 days since the kids have seen my parents and they are so excited.  

I haven't told my parents about the blog yet because before I do I need to take a moment to give them and my husband some kudos.

This is awkward for me because I always make fun of people who put on a big show about how great their life is and that they have the "world's greatest <insert family member>".  

But, I would be remiss to say that I am not a one woman show.  I have so many family members -- my husband's family -- and certain friends who always offer to lend a hand and I am so grateful.

My parents in particular do so much for me and the kids and I am not sure I could have a career and a big family of my own if it weren't for their help.  They do everything and anything without complaint. In fact my husband said if my parents read my laundry post they are going to think I am crazy since they do my laundry. ;)  Yes, this is true despite my pleas for them to just mind the kids -- but I still do keep the laundry going too!

I asked my kids if they want me to stay home or if I should go to work so they could see Oma and Opa.  Guess who they chose?   And I am a pretty fun mom, so can you imagine how amazing those two are!

Finally my husband does so much for everyone -- he never complains, is the most good-hearted person I know (aside from my Dad), works tirelessly to ensure we're happy AND still brings me flowers and surprises me with impromptu nights out for just the two of us. :)

I am not an army of one.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people who love me and these kids so much.  

And THAT is how I get it done. :)

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