Sunday, September 1, 2013

Banana Raspberry Sorbet + Kiddie Craft

Making this super quick because my head needs to hit the pillow!  May have had a teeny, tiny bit too much peach sangria and 6 AM will come way too soon if I don't go to sleep now.

Woke up to my food delivery.
Delivered to my door = love
My husband made another paleo breakfast - something with sweet potatoes, ground beef, eggs, garlic, avocado, onions, coconut oil.  There was just too much going on in this dish so early in the morning so I steered clear of it, but he said it was great and really wanted me to put a picture of it up.

He needs to get his own blog.
He took the big boys to church and I had the baby down for a nap and was doing some stuff in the kitchen when I heard a tremendous clap of thunder.  I looked up and saw a ball of bright white -- lightening struck in our driveway. It was terrifying.

When the kids did get in they wanted a smoothie so my husband helped them and put in the Vitamix 2 frozen bananas, a pint of frozen raspberries and about 1/2 cup coconut milk.  It turned into this smooth sorbet like treat that they loved.

We did arts and crafts, went in the pool and of course I folded 10 tons of laundry as planned.

Get It Done: I let the kids glitter glue anything that isn't walking.   I have them hunt for shells in the summer, acorns in the Fall, pine cones and twigs in the winter and rocks all season.  We have a big pack of different color glitter glue and after the "hunt" they get to work cleaning and painting their collection.
We put the shells around our garden for decoration.  I have also put the shells in my candle holder and plan to do the same with acorns in the Fall .  It's a cheap and a fun activity to do with the kids anytime of year. They love that their work is decoration around the house too.

We were invited over for a play date/dinner tonight.  The kids had a blast on the slip n slide.  We had a nice dinner and, as I mentioned, I had a little too goodnight to all!

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