Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Mobile Device Houses My Memory

True to my word I logged off of my computer yesterday and went straight to the kitchen to chop all the vegetables for tonight's dinner.

Woke up and dumped the chopped carrots, parsnips, potato, celery, pepper into the crock.

Put a pork roast on top and poured apple juice concentrate over it and fresh cracked pepper.  
It smelled great when I walked into the house.

But it was 'meh.  

Not worth making again.  You win some, you lose some.  It's the fun of trying a new recipe every day.

Work is total insanity, but slowly clawing my way out of the 3300+ emails that accumulated while I was on vacation.

After dinner we did baths for all and bed for the little guys.  

I sat again with my big boy to do practice work in preparation for 1st grade.

Get It Done Tip: I wanted to make sure I kept up with learning and development so my big boy will not have a difficult start to 1st grade.  I set up a recurring reminder on my calendar for 7 pm each night to do a little bit of "school work".   We didn't do a ton each night - maybe 20 minutes or less.
I typed up all the sight words the school sent home for us to review and put them on index card and would rotate reviewing that with workbooks for math, writing and reading. 
For fun I also bought the Magic School Bus science kits which are delivered to our house once a month as a special treat.

You'll see a recurring theme in my life is my online calendar. It's the greatest trick to keep my family somewhat organized.

Kids are sleeping and my husband just went out for his football draft.  I need to straighten up the house and then get to bed.

 Going out with some friends for dinner tomorrow night so have an easy dinner planned for my boys.  

Once school starts my weekday outings will be few and far between unless they are done after 9 pm as I will need to be home Mon-Thurs for school work and bedtime and Fri - Sunday is family time. 


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