Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Forget To Bring My....

I have a busy day at work today and then need to run to meet some of my oldest friends for dinner.

Get It Done Tip: I usually give one of my friends a cooking magazine that we both enjoy.   Whenever I need to give something to someone, or if someone leaves something at my house by accident I put the item in a disposable bag with handles and hang it in my hallway closet which is a catch all.  I then mark my calendar for when I see them next as a reminder to give it to them.

So, my friend today will have her cooking magazine in hand and it'll be out of my house for certain.

The other day at football practice I had to give one of the mothers - her son's sword that he left at our house, a plaque from t-ball that we picked up for them and a book she needed to borrow.  Everything went into a disposable bag with handles early August.  I looked at my calendar to see when I would see her next and saw it would be at football practice first week in Sept.  An hour before my calendar was marked for practice I had a reminder "bring bag for xx".

She got her stuff. :)

Hope everyone has a good day!

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