Friday, August 23, 2013

Vacation Prep

It's late(ish) if that is a word.  I officially just finished my last deliverable for work and turned on my out of office.  It's vacation for the next 10 days and I am PSYCHED!

I am drained of energy from almost 2 years of running ragged.  My little one was born January of 2012 and prior to that my last full week of vacation was August 2011. Yes, I had 3+ months maternity leave last year but that was no vacation. So this week off has been highly anticipated.

I am no fool.  I know my kids will still be whining at my feet and my blackberry will still be buzzing, but it'll be on a beach and in a house that doesn't have closets staring at me begging me to organize them.

So, hopefully I can relax a little.  I seriously need it.

I stayed focused all week to get things in order at work so I don't have anything hanging over my head that would bug me while I was out.  I still have things open at work of course...never will there be a day when everything is crossed off the list.

Get It Done Tip: I sent an email to key people at work Thursday reminding them I was going to be out and giving an update on where things stood and what other steps I planned to do before I officially logged off for vacation Friday COB. It gave people the opportunity to make comments/ask for additional items and I still had a day to deliver on it. I sent my final update today in the afternoon and made note of my next step for items all of which will happen on or after September 3rd when I return.  I sent this early enough for people to read it and in most cases I got back a "have a great vacation!".  It felt good to have things in order and know that expectations are set that yes, I am around if you need me, but unless it's urgent we can chat when I return.

After work I ran out for a pedicure, picked up some wine and went to the store to get some fruit and snacks for our car trip.

When I got home I went into the fridge to slice up and freeze whatever veggies were still in there.  Despite my sauce from yesterday I still had a ton of stuff.  Huge zucchini and a bunch of peppers.  I cleaned them, sliced them and froze them.  I made a mental note I can pull them out for dinner one night to toss on the grill as a side dish.
Until we meet again peppers, zucchini and leeks! 

My boys are so incredibly excited to go to the "wavy beach" as they call it that it took them some time to settle down to get to sleep.  I am now off to do the same so I am rested for tomorrow. :)